Exposed Design Consultants have designed and produced the new guidebook for St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. A key component in selecting Exposed was the knowledge of the Chapel and Castle gained over the last 13 years of working for the Dean & Canons of Windsor.
The guidebook has been produced in a square format and has been extended to 68 pages. It portrays the life within the Chapel and College of St George's both in terms of its historical place within Windsor Castle and relationships with the Monarchy, since its foundation by King Edward III in 1348.
The perfect bound guidebook was printed using stochastic screening to incorporate greater detail in the imagery and text and uses a digital emboss on the front cover to lift the Chapel logo and the Chapel photograph.
Text was written by the Chapel and combined with a variety of images from different sources to project a vivid illustration of the daily life at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Front cover of the guidebook for St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

The guidebook describes the daily worship, music and visitors to St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, continuing as has always been the case.

Worship at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, illustrated to convey its continuity since the 15th century.

The history and relationship with the Monarchy coveyed in the guidebook

There has been a continuing programme of restoration and renewal at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, and this is illustrated in the creation of new grotesques depicted in the guidebook.

St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle is located in the Lower Ward of Windsor Castle and the is photograph 'map' is used to illustrate the components of the College of St George and its position with Windsor castle.

The back cover of the guidebook.

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