If you’d like to discuss your next project or find out more
about how we might be of assistance, please do get in touch:

You can book a free consultation using the calendar link below or use our consultation form to provide some additional details. All is no obligation.
Telephone 020 3633 0688
Email studio@exposed.co.uk

Exposed Design Consultants
PO Box 35575, Hendon
London, NW4 4UH

Customer Feedback - It is extremely valuable to us that our customers have an opportunity to give us feedback outside of the normal project process. If you have issues, complaints, or positive feedback please email David at feedback@exposed.co.uk. All correspondence is treated with the strictest confidence. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service we can and we would appreciate your feedback to assist us in doing so.
Our Privacy Policy contains information regarding the sending of contact information and also the name of our Data Protection Officer.
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