The Brief
Surrounding the outside of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, are two string courses containing grotesques. Although part of the original mediaeval design of the Chapel, the current grotesques are largely Victorian. They have been deteriorating and many need replacement. The Dean & Canons of Windsor have formed a collaboration with City & Guilds London Art School to create new grotesques using principles harking back to the original ethos.
Many sculptures had been produced and were in storage awaiting installation. It was decided to mount an exhibition to show some of the finished grotesques and celebrate this innovative project.
The brief was to create an exhibition that demonstrated the background and principles of the programme and display a number of the grotesques.
Exhibition design featuring 3.3 metre fabric banners and display bankers with the grotesques.
The Solution
Working within the Dean Cloister we designed and planned an exhibition that presented ten grotesques and provided the historical and inspirational background to their creation.
Interpretation was implemented through a mixture of banners and panels which were designed to put the grotesques into context and a layout principle was created that reflected the perpendicular architecture of the Chapel.
The grotesques were presented on display bankers and a video was commissioned to show the extensive creation and approval process.
We photographed all of the sculptures in storage as well as those installed on the Chapel.
A 40-page square catalogue was produced to accompany the exhibition. The exhibition commenced with a launch event at which some grotesques were installed high on the Chapel and then ran for four months to be visited by invited guests, benefactors and friends as well as tourists visiting Windsor Castle.
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Explanation of what a grotesque is, on a 3.3 metre wide fabric banner
2.4 metre high display panels forming the backdrops to the display of sculptures.
Design and production of 40 page exhibition catalogue.
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Skills: graphic design, photography, photo retouching, story building, print management
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

We have extensive experience in exhibition design and you can see another example here and brochure design. We have selected a few to show in this portfolio.

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